Taxco – Pueblo Magico

Made it to Taxco after an eventful Sherpa fit.

A tour of a silver mine in Taxco. This mine was recently discovered after 500 years of being hidden. The indigenous people hid it from the Spaniards to protect their culture.

It is a very rich mine in gold, silver, quarts and many other metals and minerals. It is protected by the government to stay this way forever. It is so rich you can see the veins of gold and silver in the walls.

Mexican Immigration

Exiting Mexico 10 days ago, the immigration official wanted to watch the World Cup instead of his job. R&G didn’t get their exit stamps. I had to pay $500MEX to get my exit stamp. The he told us just to leave.

We go to the Mexican consular in Guatemala and they told us they couldn’t help us. We had to explain the issue to immigration when we went through again.

This morning, we went through Mexican immigration, they only gave us a seven day visa (we told them we would be here for three weeks) and the didn’t even care/notice the missing exit stamp.

None of this is really an issue as we will be crossing into Baja on the ferry from Mazatlan where there is no Mexican immigration control between Baja and the states.

There -might- be immigration control in Mazatlan but I have a feeling there won’t be and if there is it won’t really matter.

The borders are so porous here it’s incredible. We could have walked across without anyone noticing.